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My name is Chandra Peterson and I've been a carver for about five years. I do all the carving and designing. I have two beautiful girls ages 14 and 16, They are why I do what I do. My carvings and my husband have enabled me to be home more and take care of my girls. My family is my proudest "creation".

My husband David Peterson is the back bone of all that I do. Without him my art booths at shows would be pretty minimal as he sets everything up for me. He also keeps me calm and grounded. I guess you can say he is my silent partner of Chandra's Passions.

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Fan Carving is an eastern European folk art . I've never even heard of "Fan Carving" until a friend gave my husband a fan bird as a gift. From that moment on I was intrigued! With a little research I found a wonderful couple that invited me to their shop, taught me, fed me, and sent me home! I haven't stopped carving since! I have been doing art shows for the past three years and I have to thank my husband David Peterson for taking care of everything! I mean everything! I could'nt do it without him, my rock.

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